REYNAERS показва сградите на бъдещето на BAU 2015

REYNAERS показва сградите на бъдещето на BAU 2015

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REYNAERS показва сградите на бъдещето на BAU 2015



The Reynaers exhibition stand at the BAU 2015 exhibition in München reflects a vast selection of its latest technology to meet the show’s theme, The Future of Building.  This theme fits the company’s vision perfectly: while celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, the vision is to look at the future and offer innovative solutions. This vision is reflected in the solutions presented at BAU 2015.  They have been designed to rise to the challenging demands of the building industry while simultaneously giving architects high levels of expressive freedom to meet the latest trends in architecture and design.

Pushing the boundaries of design freedom

On one side of the stand the star attraction is an impressive CW 50 curtain wall facade, where new innovative solutions offer unlimited creative freedom for higher glass weights and complex connections of profiles. These solutions stand for excellence and ultimate design applications within this proven curtain wall system.  

Also on display will be the CW 86-BR (breathable) element facade system with its pre-fabricated protected louvres that are integrated between the glass panels on the facade to improve acoustic performance and climate control.

New possibilities of sliding and folding door solutions on display

At the other side of the stand, the full glass Hi-Finity system, featuring new opening possibilities, will demonstrate the latest fully automated solutions of this minimalistic sliding door system. These include creative new open corners as well as glass to glass corners for wider external views.

New opening possibilities are also presented on the other ranges of sliding and folding door solutions at the show. These include the CP 130 pocket solution that hides multiple vents in a hidden wall cavity with a flush finish, and the brand new CF 68 folding system that allows all elements to open on the same side, offering an ideal solution to create vast outside openings to the outdoors.

Unique design solutions for windows and doors

The 3rd generation three-chamber CS 38-SL/HI system combines elegance, strength, energy efficiency and ease of production with its unique slim line steel look and high insulation values. Its minimalistic exterior contours offer the ideal solution for new buildings as well as for the replacement of steel framed windows and window-doors without losing the original design.

Reynaers’ Sensity luxury window system combines a durable exterior aluminium application to resist extreme climate conditions with beautiful wooden interior finishes to provide warmth and comfort. The hidden high performance hinges allow large opening elements, whilst guaranteeing perfect design aesthetics.

A beautiful contemporary solution for the finest home entrance door is offered by the design CS 86-HI panel door.  This door integrates panels, both at the inside and outside of the door, and features hidden hinges and a finger scanner security solution that opens doors by reading an approved finger print. This door is accompanied by the CS 86-HI pivoting window, also with fully integrated hinges.

Ready for the future of Buildings

With this wide range of new innovations, Reynaers is ready for the future of buildings.  With the 50 years of experience, together with the numerous partners worldwide, Reynaers designs new technologies to fit the needs of market demands.  Therefore its technology focuses on large glazed and transparent surfaces, high insulation values and increased home automation to designers, enabling them to meet the needs for tailor-made solutions for their clients who want more options and freedom of choice.



This press release describes the main highlights of the Reynaers stand at BAU München 2015:

  • CW 50 extensions - maximum natural light through larger glazed surfaces
  • CW 86-BR - breathing new life into building performance
  • Hi-Finity extensions: Reynaers pushes architectural boundaries with extensions to the Hi-Finity sliding system
  •   CP 130 extensions: Reynaers steers architecture to greater transparency
  • CF 68 folding doors open new windows to efficiency and design freedom
  • Reynaers launches its new CS 38-SL series ultra-slim profiles with high energy-efficiency
  • Sensity (CSW 86-HI) combining the best of aluminium and wood
  • CS 77-FP - advanced fire proof system with architectural potential
  • CS 86-HI brings super insulation performance levels to doors and windows


More information:


About Reynaers Aluminium

Reynaers Aluminium is a leading European provider of innovative and sustainable architectural aluminium solutions. These include a wide variety of window and door systems, curtain walling, sliding systems, sun screening, conservatories, skylights, screens and systems to incorporate blinds and ventilation grids. Established in 1965 and headquartered in Duffel (Belgium), Reynaers Aluminium has offices in over 30 countries worldwide.



The proven Curtain Wall 50 is a facade and roof system that offers unlimited design freedom and allows maximum transparency and superb thermal efficiency. 

The CW 50 is available in several design and glazing variants, but also includes different technical variants to comply with specified levels of fire-resistance and thermal insulation. The design variants features an extensive range of profiles with which a wealth of design constructions can be created to bring solutions for both the exterior and the interior of the building. On display is the vertical lining variant, the CW 50-VL.

Extensions to the system now also offer new innovative solutions for higher glass weights and sophisticated connections of profiles. These solutions stand for excellence and ultimate design applications within this proven curtain wall system.

Freedom in curtain wall design

A first extension to the CW 50 system features an extensive range of profiles with which a wealth of design constructions can be created.  The profiles can be connected to one another in various overlapping levels, each providing perfect performance in terms of water and air tightness. This gives architects extensive creative freedom in facade design: the division and coupling of the glass surfaces is unlimited, and the integration of diagonal lines is simple.

Larger elements and triple glazing

A second extension to the CW 50 system makes the system perfectly suited for much larger glass panes and for the use of triple glazing. The maximum glass thickness can measure up to 62 mm and the system can carry a maximum weight of 700 kg thanks to a special glass support. With this addition in the CW 50 system, specific bespoke solutions are no longer required for extra-large glass panels.

Easy assembly and quick installation

As a final innovation, CW 50-TT (Transom-Transom) makes the facade construction even easier. This extension ensures that the facade can be constructed with a single profile, without complex operations. Through the pre-assembly option, the construction of a facade can take place in a quick and cost-efficient manner. The CW 50-TT is compatible with the standard CW 50 system and its CW 50-TT/SC (Structural Clamped) and CW 50-TT/HL (Horizontal Lining) design variants. The CW 50-TT system has the same insulation value as the standard CW 50 and CW 50-HI (High Insulation) and it can support the same maximum weights.

Wide range of opening types

Various opening types can be seamlessly integrated with the CW 50. These include the top hung window (THW), parallel opening windows (POW), hidden vent turn and tilt windows (HV-TUTI) and flush roof vents (FRV). Several aesthetical connection profiles allow a concealed integration of other Reynaers window and door systems as well.


The Curtain Wall 86-BR (breathable) is an extension of the well-known CW 86 curtain wall. In major building projects such as for hospitals, office blocks or schools, the choice of floor plan, materials, building shell and facade design all have a significant influence on the buildings’ ultimate performance. Facade design is a key factor for effective building management, thermal efficiency, acoustic performance, and ease of maintenance. Reynaers has combined these properties in its recently launched 'breathing' façade, the CW 86-BR.

​​CW 86-BR is a double layer facade, consisting of double glazing on the inside and single glazing on the outside. The single glazing can be mounted either with a structural sealant or with glazing beads. This choice largely determines the design of the facade. The glass of the structural sealed (SG/VEC) variant is structurally bonded, offering a complete glass surface at the outside of the building, while the option with glazing beads gives a grid effect on the building’s surface.

The main advantage of a breathing facade is that it prevents condensation, by equalising the relative humidity in the CW 86-BR’s 'breathing' cavity with the external relative humidity.  

The breathing cavity can accommodate venetian blinds of between 25 and 35 mm wide. By motorising the control of the blinds and windows, building management is simplified through system that automatically controls the indoor climate of the building. It can let in additional fresh air through filter elements when this is desired, or allow more or less sunlight into the building.

With the CW 86-BR’s blinds enclosed in a cavity and therefore effectively isolated between two panels of glass, maintenance costs are substantially reduced and hygiene improved as disruptions to the functioning of the blinds are prevented. The use of multiple glass panels also promotes thermal insulation and enhances acoustics; important factors for hospitals, schools and office buildings.

Different types of windows, doors and sun screening systems can be seamlessly integrated with the CW 86-BR, while motorised solutions for the control of opening elements, such as top hung and parallel opening windows, provide a total solution for the building’s facade.


With the latest extension to its Hi-Finity range, Reynaers introduces an innovative and creative open corner solution and new motorised solutions that allow very large wall to wall and floor to ceiling window surfaces to combine architectural design and comfort with optimal energy efficiency.

The fully glazed system combines sleek architectural minimalism seamlessly with energy efficiency. A creative corner solution without a corner profile leaves the corners entirely transparent when the sliding window is open, offering further value for application in public places where access to the exterior adds particular value.

Its handles feature an attractive, slim and streamlined design that adds aesthetic value to any new building. Although the border lines of the slim profiles are barely visible, the intrinsic qualities and the high technology of the aluminium joinery ensure that the system is exceptionally strong, durable and easy to maintain. It can carry the weight of large fixed glass panes of up to 1200 kilograms and motorized vents up to 700 kg, with a maximum element height of 3.5 meters.

Hi-Finity is an ideal solution for zero-energy building and passive construction. In order to meet the most stringent insulation requirements Hi-Finity sliding doors are available in both double and triple glazing. Furthermore, the Hi-Finity triple glazing sliding system received the Minergie component label. The reputable Swiss MINERGIE® product label recognizes Reynaers for its efforts in the field of sustainability. For the architect, owner, fabricator and builder the use of certified and tested MINERGIE labelled products offers more comfort and eases the road towards this sustainability objective. They can rely on the quality of these certified products and save substantial time and costs by eliminating the calculations that are required to obtain building certifications. Adopting such low-energy concepts results in future-proof solutions towards a cleaner, greener planet.

Triple glazing is steadily advancing, as is the need for larger panes, resulting in heavy glass panels in sliding elements. To address this, Reynaers will launch a new, stronger motor towards mid-2015 to drive the full glass Hi-Finity sliding system conveniently and safely.

A fully concealed motor ensures that the Hi-Finity sliding door opens and closes automatically, by the use of a switch or by connecting the motor to your home automation system. This high performance motor, with a capacity up to 700 kg, guarantees optimum convenience in a safe and reliable solution.

Heavy sliding elements that move at high speed pose the danger of crushing. If the sliding door should move at a hazardously high speed, a specially designed brake will detect this automatically and slow the door down as it approaches its final position. At normal speeds, the shock absorber or brake will not respond, and the sliding door closes in the normal manner.

Classified burglary resistance class RC2, Hi-Finity also stands for safety. Thanks to the concept of a central locking mechanism in combination with layered glass, Hi-Finity guarantees a high level of security. Electric locking and unlocking is realized by a robust bolt and hook, operated by a simple push of a button whilst giving visual feedback on the security position of the lock.


Reynaers’ Concept Patio 130 sliding door and window solutions are aimed at allowing architects and designers to achieve much wider open spaces to buildings’ exteriors. Through seemingly endless glass walls a seamless virtual transition from a building’s interior to the external expanse can be created; practically inviting the environment into the building. This is achieved through three key innovations that can be applied in isolation or in various configurations and combinations with one another.


Outer frames of the CP 130 system are now expanded from two to up to eight rails. These allow creative designs with very large openings. Special connection pieces allow outer frames exceeding seven meters in length, extends the openness almost infinitely.

The multi-rail version is a great enhancement to the previous monorail (a moving part with a fixed glazed element, anchored into the outer frame profile) and duo-rail (integrating two identical glazed opening vents, creating a sliding door with both vents sliding). A 3-rail solution allowing a third opening vent to be installed, to create a double-sized opening, has also been available.

The pocket option

A modular pocket solution allows up to eight vents to be slid into an integrated wall cavity, thereby creating an open space without visible elements when the window is open. Optimal flush aesthetics in the open position are realized by applying the colour of the wall to the finishing profile.   

Zero thresholds

For easy, unobstructed access, CP 130 offers an optional zero threshold solution that can be applied to ensure an uninterrupted floor finishing. The dedicated rail profiles are available in different heights depending on the floor finish. To enhance the aesthetics of the floor finish in the multi-rail solution, and to achieve a cleaner look, rail profiles can be stopped where the element movement stops. The zero threshold option also includes a built-in draining system (cascade-system) to evacuate water.

Optimizing construction capability

Thanks to optimised construction possibilities, improved insulation and its capacity to use thicker glass (up to 42mm and with maximum weight of 300kg and heights up to 2,7m), the CP 130 meets the stringent requirements of modern construction practices. Reynaers has developed an extension for its CP 130 for use in more demanding environments, such as high-rise constructions or in buildings in coastal areas. By providing new components, improved water tightness performances of up to 750 Pa and wind load resistance up to 1600 Pa has been achieved.

Availability in CP 155

The pocket solution, multi-rails and zero threshold features are also available in Reynaers’ CP 155; a premium insulated sliding system that fulfils the high expectations of optimum quality, high insulation and ease of operation. The system is designed to provide substantial design freedom by allowing very large dimensions of up to 3 meters in height and a maximum vent weight of 400 kg.


The new Concept Folding 68 door system comprises a competitive versatile folding door and window solution that allows up to seven leafs to fold either to the inside or to the outside in 38 possible configurations and across four different threshold solutions. This gives architects and builders much more diversity to connect building interiors innovatively with the external environment.

Innovative design and architectural freedom

The CF 68 comes with new user-friendly profiles, gaskets and gear combinations that will enable fabricators to assemble the chosen option much easier, faster and more efficiently. A relatively low number of profiles offer a maximum number of configurations; all allowing in- and outward opening options with the same profiles and accessories. The vent profile requires only one gasket type while no brush or supporting profile brush is required. Only one integrated carriage type and one hinge type to fold the vents are required for all configurations.

It is mostly recommended that the last vent only be measured and fabricated after all the others had been installed. This new design, featuring an innovative adjustable side profile, makes it possible to install the complete folding wall on site. It also allows fabricators to adjust tolerances resulting from montage deviances easily to deliver optimal performances in air -and water tightness.

Slim vent profiles minimize the visible width of the midsection to 131 mm and the frame to 100 mm allowing users to create an element of up to 7 meters wide with a maximum height of 2,4m in a walled surface. The profile elements come in every conceivable colour to further minimise visibility and can be provided with separate internal and external colours to match any building appearance.

A main door is created by adding internal and external handles to the first vent. All vents have the same profiles and can be equipped with the same accessories and Reynaers handles.

Sustainable comfort, elegance and safety

The CF 68 offers a price competitive solution that answers the needs of sophisticated contemporary architecture, combining creative design, comfort, safety and space efficiency. It is designed to be opened and closed smoothly within seconds and with comfort and ease. 

It is available in four different threshold solutions, varying from a wheel-chair friendly flush threshold to three other options with different levels of high to low performance in terms of air- and water tightness and wind resistance.

Glass thicknesses between 12 mm and 55 mm can be accommodated. This enables a solution for triple glazing. All options offer very high insulation U-values meeting the most recent and near future market demands, with the CF 68-HI (high insulation) version being particularly well suited for high energy efficiency requirements.

The system’s CF 68-AP (anti-burglary) version is classified as burglar resistant class 2, offering high levels of safety and peace of mind to owners and occupiers. The same level of security can be achieved in the standard version by simply adding a few components to it.


The highly insulated CS 38-SL/HI with its ‘steel look’ is ideal for modern architecture and renovations where the retention of original frame designs are preferred. This unique aluminium door and window system has now being re-launched with an advanced version: the new 38-SL series.  This new system offers versatile design potential offering further improved energy efficiency. It is therefore perfectly suited for renovation projects where existing steel frames have to be replaced and for the retention of older verandas, allowing users to preserve the vintage appearance of buildings. The new insulation levels make this system more suited for new buildings as well. The unique slim sight line allows for an abundance of natural light.

It features a highly insulated 3-chamber system with ultra-slim profiles for increased thermal characteristics. The ultra-slim profiles and steel appearance combine beautifully to give a strong industrial and minimalistic architectural appeal to buildings. The solution is available in fixed, turn, and turn tilt variations with Uf values of 2.3 W/m²K (1.9 W/m²K for the HI version). The system is available in both double and triple glazing without losing the ultra-slim look.

The new 38-SL series is also available in a grid pattern. This is particularly useful for projects requiring the renovation of building with industrial designs as well as for stylish verandas with the retro-look.

All inward and outward opening vents for windows and doors are available in all RAL colours to further add to the system’s excellent design versatility.

In combination with its superior insulation capabilities, the system provides the perfect harmony between durable material, clean design and demanding architectural challenges.

The new 38-SL series will be available from Q2/2015.


Based on the technologically refined Reynaers CS 86-HI system, SENSITY is a highly insulated aluminium system for windows, designed to provide the best guarantee for a comfortable interior climate. The durable thermally insulated aluminium frame ensures wind and water tightness and superior acoustic performance of windows under all weather conditions.

Due to the combination of wood and aluminium, this system is perfectly suited for different architectural creations. The aluminium at the outside allows users to personalize their windows by selecting from over 100 possible RAL colours, from 60 structural Coatex surfaces. Users can also give it a wood-look finish, while maintaining the ultimate low maintenance properties of aluminium.

Three types of high quality natural wood are available to match different interior designs: Bleached Oak for the modern interior, Tobacco for the more cosy look, and Wenge to complement the more luxurious interior.

The combination of the aluminium and the wood is realised by the specially designed connection which eliminates the risk of wood distortion due to temperature and humidity fluctuations.

To avoid any concessions to design, SENSITY is beautifully complemented by Reynaers’ specially designed PURITY accessories. These handles make windows come to life, giving them a unique touch of style and making them a true pleasure to use. This high-quality handle combines new-generation material and mechanical properties with the superior Italian design capabilities of designer Leo De Carlo, who previously worked in the studios of Philippe Starck.

The combination of material and its surface treatment makes the handles non-corrosive, hypoallergenic and 100% recyclable. Thanks to its extraordinary durability, PURITY will retain its original state for years.

The handles are available in the standard range of sapphire black, moonlight white or lithium. Alternatively users have the option to choose from the special on-demand range of OR, Obsidian, Belgian Chocolate, Polaris and Eclipse.


The Concept System 77-FP is a high-quality in- and outside flush door system that combines elevated requirements regarding fire resistance, smoke tightness, safety and thermal insulation with enhanced design potential and installation ease. Although primarily designed for superior fire resistance and safety, architectural versatility, quality and construction ease was not neglected.

Profiles are insulated with cooling inserts and intumescent strips that expand when exposed to heat; sealing openings in case of fire to avoid the spreading of heat. The cooling inserts control the maximum temperature increase of the element surface. This results in containing fire by 30 to 60 minutes.

The CS 77-PF is certified compliant with EU regulations by laboratories throughout Europe, achieving EI30 and EI60 classification for fire resistance. The system was exposed to fire under controlled conditions to assess its stability, thermal insulation and radiation insulation over time.

The system’s doors can be combined with burglar resistance RC 2 as well as an emergency function to allow opening of locked doors from the inside in case of danger.

The CS 77-FP’s extended range of doors also accommodates fixed windows and offers in- and outward opening options. The variations of partition walls, in combination with all possible single- and double leaf doors give further architectural freedom. The doors can be used in combination with fixed glazing to create limitless glass walls and to increase transparency. All doors are available to a maximum door leaf size of 1,3 by 2,75m, making extra-large door designs possible.

Its glazed partition walls and fixed window elements are available up to heights of 4,4m for the EI30 and 3,8m for the EI60 carrying glass sheets of up to 2,1m wide and 3,5m, allowing architects to create glass walls of almost limitless lengths. Maximum glass surfaces of 6,85m² (EI30) and 4,45m² (EI60) can be accommodated. Stainless steel clips to keep glass in place in case of fire.

One glass clip applies to all applications and additional screw corner connections facilitate transportation of larger elements. Glass thicknesses of between 15 to 52mm apply to the EI30 solution while the EI60 allows thicknesses from 23 to 52mm. The clearance around glass has been increased from 5mm to 6mm.

The system accepts a range of locks and hinges to fit all locking requirements, as well as integrated solutions in building management systems. It is compatible with most Reynaers’ gear and its PuRity design handles. Slim barrel hinges improve the design and aesthetic appeal, while the profiles’ visible widths between 77 mm and 280 mm create seamless wall connections.

For faster installation the doors can be equipped with single point locks for in-house solutions in some classifications. A simple filling paste combined with cooling glue replaces the mixing products in older corner treatments, while PUR foam-based building connections take over from the former mineral wool for faster and cleaner application.


With its CS 86-HI system, Reynaers has made a significant impact on the safety and stability standards of performance for windows and doors. The system has already established itself as a worthy competitor on the international market. It is a highly insulated system for windows and doors and meets the highest requirements concerning safety and stability.

The system’s insulation concept not only ensures its extreme stability and its elevated water- and air tightness, but also makes it perfectly suitable for triple glass applications. The overall insulation value of the system’s HI+ variant goes down to Uf values of 1.0 W/m²K, while the frame/vent section with 117 mm visible width has a Uf value of 1.4 W/m²K, making it one of the most energy efficient systems available.

As an answer to the design needs for entrance doors, this system includes a double panelled door with panels glued both on the inside and the outside. In dimensions of 2500 x 1100mm and its slim 3mm aluminium panels with 30mm PU insulation it makes for a very sleek contemporary design. The hinges are completely invisible, adding to the design appeal. The door can be equipped with an integrated door closer and can be fitted with a finger scanner for controlled access to your building. A spy glass window can optionally be integrated in the door.  This design entrance door can be equipped with Reynaers’ beautifully styled PuRity door handles.

Beside this extension, the CS 86-HI system is also available in a versatile pivot window that offers both horizontal and vertical pivoting solutions with invisible integrated hinges in a 2500 x 900mm frame. It carries maximum weights of 200kg for the horizontal pivot and 160 kg for the vertical pivot. As with the double-panelled doors, the pivot window supports PuRity handles.

With regard to safety, CS 86-HI can comply with burglar resistance classes 2 and 3, offering ultimate levels of security.

To ensure the use of triple glazing, anti-burglar glass or very large glass panes, dedicated fittings are available. This allows for very high glass weights of up to 300 kg for turn windows and 200 kg for turn-tilt designs.

The CS 86-HI system also achieved the MINERGIE® component label. This reputable Swiss product label recognizes Reynaers for its efforts in the field of sustainability. For the architect, owner, fabricator and builder the use of certified and tested MINERGIE labelled products offers more comfort and eases the road towards this sustainability objective. They can rely on the quality of these certified products and save substantial time and costs by eliminating the calculations that are required to obtain building certifications. Adopting such low-energy concepts results in future-proof solutions towards a cleaner, greener planet.



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